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David Robertson

David Robertson

David is a pastor, broadcaster, writer, debater and above all – evangelist.

Third Space and the Wee Flea Podcast

05 June 2020, 07:00 AM

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PDF of the Dawkins Letters

The Dawkins Letters are a response to Richard Dawkins' book The God Delusion. David Robertson, wrote a series of letters to Professor Dawkins, which were published on Dawkins' website. These letters have now been published in a slightly revised form in The Dawkins Letters. Please email Robyn to utilise this offer :

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About this Speaker

David Robertson and Steve McAlpine are pastors, bloggers, writers and evangelists who have started up a new outreach project in Australia called Third Space. They believe that the culture is both never more hostile and never more open to the Gospel… David was pastor of St Peters Free Church (the church of Robert Murray McCheyne) in Dundee, Scotland for 27 years. He moved to Australia in 2019 with his wife Annabel to be an evangelist here with City Bible Forum setting up a new evangelism project called Third Space. He has a son and grandchildren in Scotland, a daughter in London and a daughter and grandchildren in the Blue Mountains. He has written The Dawkins Letters, Magnificent Obsession, Engaging with Atheists, Awakening. His most recent book, A.S.K, is an apologetic/devotional book for teenagers. David has a blog The Wee Flea and a weekly podcast Quantum of the Wee Flea.

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